Her lips appear to have taken on a plumpness with age

Actress Kim Delaney won an Emmy for her role of Detective Diane Russell in the hit police drama series ‘NYPD Blue’. She has also starred in other popular shows such as ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘Army Wives’. She is now fifty two years old and like many in her profession believed to be taking advantage of the latest age reversing techniques which are available. While the actress herself may not have seen fit to c

Her face is clear from the wrinkles

Comedian, producer and actress Cheryl Hines is now in her late fifties. She will probably be remembered most for her appearances in the Emmy nominated comedy ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. If you were to compare images of the actress taken before she appeared in the show, and compare them to those taken more recently you will probably be able to spot what has sparked all of the plastic surgery rumours which surround h

There was some speculation that she had been through..

Actress Christina Ricci has been appearing on our screens since she was a young child, her first major appearance being in the role of Wednesday Addams in the ‘Addams Family’ movie. We have been watching her act in one movie or another since she was ten years old, which means that her audience has watcher her transform from a child into a young woman. This means that all of the changes to her face and body have

She is known to have been through her first plastic surgery back in the 1960

While the high point of her acting career may have been during the 1960’s, starring in ‘That Girl’, she has gone on to forge a new, more rewarding career as the National Outreach Director on behalf of St Jude’s Children’s hospital. This new career means that she is still in the media spotlight albeit for different reasons. She used to attract attention for her behaviour as a social activist, now she attra