Your best option for driving after your DWI!



Have you.............. 
  • been arrested for DWI?

  • had your privileges to drive REVOKED?

Through the State of Minnesota's Ignition Interlock Program your driving privileges can be restored promptly avoiding the required revocation period.

1 CALL INTERLOCK is a Sate of Minnesota approved vendor.

An ignition interlock installed on your vehicle will prevent you from starting your vehicle if you have a blood alcohol of .02 or more.

The benefits of installing an ignition interlock device:

  • Avoid lengthy revocation period.

  • Avoid jeopardizing your employment.

  • No future DWI's.

  • Avoid legal problems for driving illegally.

 1 CALL INTERLOCK is your 1 call to get you into the ignition interlock program and get you to an attorney experienced in using interlock laws to negotiate a better resolution to your case.

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