Located within the hotel and casino complex of Circus Circus on the Las Vegas Strip, Adventuredome is the indoor amusement park which used to be known as the Grand Slam Canyon Amusement Park. The park is encased by a large glass dome which means that it is protected from the elements and therefore open to the public all year round. Despite the fact that floor space within the dome is limited there are still all of


Hersheypark is an amusement park which is situated in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Originally Hershey Park the name was amended in 1970. The park was created in 1906 by the Hershey Chocolate Company as a place for factory employees to relax and spend time with their families. Over time rides were added to the park with the first roller coaster being installed in 1923. Today Hersheypark is also the location of ZOOA

Radiologist Skills

There is a certain skill set required in order to be successful a career as a radiologist. Many of these skills come with experience rather than having been taught in medical college. Of course there needs to be a certain level of medical knowledge in place, but there also needs to be a different set of skills. For example, a radiologist needs to be able to follow any instructions or directions that they are given

Title Nine

Entrepreneur Missy Park founded Title Nine in 1989. The company specialises in sports and performance wear and retails primarily through online trading and mail order. All of the performance wear that they sell has been designed by experts. Missy Park took the company name from the Title IX legislation issued in 1972 which declared that all educational programs and sporting opportunities should promote inclusion an

Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper is the name of a restaurant chain in the United States which is themed around a saloon from the old west. There are Claim Jumper outlets current operating in forty States of the US. Company headquarters are based in Houston Texas though it was in the town of Los Alamitos where the very first Claim Jumper Restaurant and Saloon opened its doors in 1977. The chain is inspired by the great gold rush of 184

Phlebotomist Certification

While it’s possible to become a phlebotomist without being certified, those who choose to earn their certifications will greatly expand their career opportunities, earning a higher income while increasing their employment options. However, it is important to make sure that the certification is earned through an organization which is accredited. To earn their certification, phlebotomists must demonstrate a number

Waba Grill

The Waba Grill offers a healthy fast food option, all menu items are natural without the addition of additives and preservatives and fruit and vegetables are always obtained from fresh local sources. All chicken is skinless and boneless as well as trimmed to remove all fat and all proteins are char broiled without the additions of cooking oil. Salads are prepared freshly to order and vegetables are lightly steamed

How to become a physical therapist?

Professional physical therapists apply rehabilitation techniques and exercise routines to the course of therapy in order to treat injuries, ailments, or abnormalities that have developed within a person’s body. These physical problems can limit an individual’s ability to move in some cases, and in others, they can simply make certain movements more painful. Alongside finding methods for increasing mobility and

Her lips appear to have taken on a plumpness with age

Actress Kim Delaney won an Emmy for her role of Detective Diane Russell in the hit police drama series ‘NYPD Blue’. She has also starred in other popular shows such as ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘Army Wives’. She is now fifty two years old and like many in her profession believed to be taking advantage of the latest age reversing techniques which are available. While the actress herself may not have seen fit to c

Her face is clear from the wrinkles

Comedian, producer and actress Cheryl Hines is now in her late fifties. She will probably be remembered most for her appearances in the Emmy nominated comedy ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. If you were to compare images of the actress taken before she appeared in the show, and compare them to those taken more recently you will probably be able to spot what has sparked all of the plastic surgery rumours which surround h